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Shall we connect? If you are looking for a Graphic Designer, I am here, I am Teresa Almansa.

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Contact me through this form and I will answer as soon as possible any questions you may have about graphic design, my services or my way of working.

    Strategic Visual Communication for NGOs

    May your message reach more people and multiply your social impact

    I am Teresa Almansa, graphic designer for Social Change.

    I work with NGOs and social entities, to together make this world a little more fair, equitable and inclusive.

    I want to be an active part of social change, because I truly believe that we can live together in a more just, more equitable and more peaceful world. Therefore, I decided that my work tool, graphic design, was a way to promote this change in the world, through offering my services to different social entities.

    These are three of the fundamental pillars that govern my way of carrying out each project.

    Social commitment

    I use graphic design as a tool to change the world, implementing Strategic Visual Communication in NGOs, so that they connect with more people and thus multiply their impact.


    If my way of working is characterized by something, it is the efficiency with which I work, significantly reducing delivery times without neglecting the quality of the product in the slightest.


    I adapt to the specific needs of each project and each entity, offering a unique service. Because a well-defined strategy is a unique response to the needs of your NGO.

    Philosophy of action


    Apply Strategic Visual Communication in your NGO.


    Achieve Social Change to live in a more just and equitable world.


    Social responsibility, honesty and flexibility.

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