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Graphic Design Projects for other types of companies

Here you can see other types of projects that I have developed for other companies or businesses in the public and private spheres.

comunicación visual estratégica, diseño grafico online , presupuesto diseño grafico, papeleria manual de identidad corporativa, maquetación editorial


posters and brochures

corporate stationery

Social media and others



motion graphics



Each of the graphic design projects that I have carried out for different companies, which you can see here, have been carried out as if they were my own, which is why I put so much dedication, love and care into each one of them, without exception.

I consider that, in the end, each one of them is still a little part of me, since in them I am contributing my essence, my knowledge and a lot of love so that the result is optimal.

If any of these completed projects have caught your attention and have connected with a need for your entity, you just have to contact me to start talking about how we can carry it out so that the need that you have detected is satisfactorily covered.

I can’t explain the excitement and satisfaction of seeing my designs come to life and seeing them in the place they were designed for (a print of a document, a street sign, an informational brochure, etc.)

For me, design is much more than simply creating and arranging elements on a page. It is the art of creating a visual narrative, conveying messages effectively and captivating the audience.

As you can see in this text, I am truly passionate about graphic design, and I live each project with intensity and I put myself into it 100% giving the best of myself: my knowledge, my creativity, and ultimately, my essence.

Shall we connect? If you are looking for a Graphic Designer, I am here, I am Teresa Almansa.

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